Steel Spiral Staircase

Goddard Spiral Stairs steel staircases are great for both indoor and outdoor applications. Customize your steel spiral staircase with various stair design options including our decorative balusters, treads, handrails and more. Browse our various examples of steel spiral staircases below. Looking for inspiration? Read our blog for tips on stair design and trends.

 A Goddard steel spiral staircase offers:

  • Extremely durable, especially for outdoor use
  • Low maintenance, easy to clean
  • Beauty and functionality in small spaces

Steel Spiral Staircase Design Gallery

Our gallery shows examples of Interior and Exterior spiral stairs we built for our clients.

spiral staircase steel with oak treads
Stair: 4
steel and wood stairs
Stair: 8
wood and steel spiral stairs with handrail
Stair: 5
steel stair landing
Stair: 30
wood handrail landing with steel staircase
Stair: 29

Stair: 9

Stair 11
free standing spiral staircase
Stair: 12
steel staircase with oak treads
Stair: 15
stainless steel spiral staircase
Stair : 14
steel straight spiral staircase
Stair: 6
exterior stainless steel spiral staircase 
Stair: 26
outdoor stainless steel spiral staircase
Stair: 27
outdoor spiral stairs 
Stair: 28
exterior spiral steel staircase with wood handrail 
Stair 24