5 Practical Remodeling Tips

Practical Remodeling Tips

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Are you thinking about remodeling your home or office but aren’t quite sure where to start? These five tips will help you avoid some common renovation issues.

1. Gather Ideas.

Remodeling can be fun, but it can also be overwhelming. Start by making a list of what’s working well, and what’s not working in the space. Collect ideas and images from websites and magazines. Save the ideas you like and create a folder or notebook with all of your favorites. Try drawing your ideas or use a free online space planning template.

2. Develop a budget.

This part of the process is essential. Figure out how much money you have to spend on your remodeling project and then how much each part of your project will cost. Most importantly, stick to your budget once you create it!

3. De-clutter your space.

De-cluttering your space will help you consider ways to improve traffic flow, storage, and other essential functions of your space. Clutter may have accumulated, but de-cluttering isn’t as hard as it might seem. Try one of these creative ways to de-clutter the space you intend to remodel.

  • Give away 1 item each day. You’ll be surprised how good it feels!
  • Fill 1 trash bag with items to get rid of or give away. You don’t have to clean the whole area – just pick a few obvious items to clear out.
  • Take 5 minutes to clean – just do one shelf, one counter, or one corner. Then tomorrow, pick a different area.
  • Try the 4 box method – one for Trash, one to Give Away, one to Keep, and one to Relocate. Continue sorting until every item has a box.

4. Get permission.

In most places today, you’ll need to get permission to make structural changes to your home or office. Make sure either you or your contractor takes care of getting the appropriate building permit.

5. Prepare for challenges.

No renovation goes perfectly. There may be miscommunications, delays, and mistakes, so be prepared for a few ups and downs. Arrange to do something fun away from the house while the work is being done. Or if you’re remodeling your office, work from home during the dustiest parts of the renovation.

Following these tips will help you avoid some common remodeling issues, but don’t forget to enjoy the renovation process while it’s happening. Take pictures along the way to remind yourself of the progress you have made, and then celebrate once your remodeling is complete!

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