6 Great Locations for Spiral Staircases

Often, the words “spiral staircase” bring to mind a grand mansion or cathedral, but spiral staircases don’t have to be fancy. Sometimes, they can be very practical, providing a space-saving way to access a higher level of your home or office. Below are some great uses for spiral staircases.

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Staircase Location Loft

#1: Loft Area

Small loft areas are a great way to add a little extra space to your house, but ladders, while practical, aren’t always the safest way to climb up to those lofts. Spiral staircases make lofts accessible to both small children and the elderly and won’t take up as much space as traditional stairs.

Staircase Location Patio

#2: Deck or Patio

Every deck needs a staircase to the ground…why not make yours a spiral? Spiral staircases from your deck to your patio save space, of course, but they also add sophistication to your house’s appearance. Plus, spirals have the ability to add a soft, traditional touch to modern home designs.

Staircase Location Library

#3: Study/Library

Studies and libraries have the potential to be the most beautiful rooms in your house, and spiral staircases only add to the elegance. If you want access a second floor office or library, just add a spiral staircase, and you will instantly have a cozy spot for your favorite book lover.

Staircase Location Corner

#4: Tucked in a Corner

Sometimes there just isn’t enough space in a room for a traditional staircase. Spiral staircases, however, are frequently only four or five feet wide – small enough to be tucked away in the corner of your kitchen or living room.

Staircase Location Vacation Home

#5: Vacation Home

The style of spiral staircases can be matched to any home, and vacation homes provide some of the best examples of this. Is your vacation home a rustic log cabin in the woods? Try a wooden spiral staircase. Or is your home a modern house on the beachfront? Consider a fashionable silver steel or steel and wood combination staircase.

#6 Commercial Buildings

There are many uses for spiral staircases in commercial buildings. For example, a spiral staircase makes a beautiful, dramatic statement in a lobby area, or as access to upper level offices in a retail space. Spiral staircases can also be a cost effective option in commercial remodeling projects.

If you are considering remodeling your home or office, contact us. We’d love to discuss the spiral staircase options that will best fit your needs.