6 Popular Design Trends for 2015

2015 will be a year for versatility, for blending the traditional with the modern, elegance with individuality, and industrial with handmade. The doors for creativity and personalization are wide open. Here are just a few of the trends predicted to be popular in this upcoming year:

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Design Trends Diverse Colors

1. Diversity of Colors

Soft pastels, along with the neutral shades of gray, black, and white are in, but bright jewel tones and fruit colors are also popular. Ochre yellow, olive green, cobalt blue, light and dark shades of purple will be of particular interest. When decorating a room, use clean white or smoky neutrals for the walls and brighter colors for emphasis and highlighting items of interest.

Design Trends Patterns

2. Prints and Patterns

Visual impact is the key. Try using a bold peacock or feather pattern, bold floral or tropical prints, or go a different route with geometric shapes or kaleidoscope patterns. Pay special attention to texture in fabrics – velvet and raw looking weaves will both make an appearance in 2015.

Design Trends Natural

3. Natural World

Leaves, bark, bone, fossils, insect prints, and stones – all are fair game in next year’s decorating. Wood should ideally have a rough hewn appearance. Stainless steel and chrome are being replaced by copper, pewter, and gold. Anything natural and organic has its place here.

4. Handmade Items

Though the industrial style has been and continues to be popular in lighting and furniture, an appreciation for finely crafted, handmade items is making a comeback. Be on the lookout for pieces with an artistic touch, like that of binding, weaving, quilting and needle work – anything with an authentic, one-of-a-kind feel.

5. Environmentally Friendly

Everyone knows the importance of being green now, and more and more people are taking environmental friendliness and sustainability into consideration before building or remodeling their homes. Take a little extra time to consider what roles repurposing, recycling, and up-cycling might be able to play in your home’s decor.

Design Trends Organic Shapes

6. Organic Shapes

Instead of sharp edges and corners, try softly rounded curves, or natural looking droops – similar to the shape of a water droplet. These organic shapes will contrast the crisp and clean lines of a modern house and provide a warmer atmosphere. Accessories such as lighting and glassware are the best places to experiment with these softer shapes.

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