Choosing Options for Spiral Stairs: Handrails, Balusters, and Tread

Choosing Options Steel StairsYour choice to install a beautiful spiral staircase is the first of many fun choices surrounding this feature in your home or business. The options in styling are nearly limitless, so let your imagination soar! From the whimsical to the artistic tothe practical, handrails, tread, and balusters come in wide varieties and change the look of your custom spiral staircase. They can complement or contrast with the material type of your staircase and change the look and feel of the staircase’s location.

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Whether you choose wood, steel, or a combination of wood and steel, your spiral staircase can take on the characteristics of your home or business or create a new ambience with the detailed choices that enhance the staircase.

Stair handrails are obviously curved on spiral staircases, but you might like the idea of adding straight lines, patterns, or other shapes into them to create added visual interest. All of these ideas can apply to the balusters and tread as well. The complete look of the spiral staircase will likely be something you live with for many years, so you want it to speak volumes in artistic value as well as function.While the spiral staircase will itself be the conversation piece, a work of art, in any room, the stair handrails, or railing, is the main focal point of the stairs. The handrails provide the safety features of the stairs, but the aesthetic value should not be overlooked. The color of the handrails can be the same as the stairs, but consider a complimentary color on the wood or steel that might draw out other beautiful details of the room. Even a combination of painted wood handrails on dark wooden stairs lends to a classic furniture look. This is similar to the artistry put into kitchen cabinetry.

Choosing Options HandrailsThere are a few things to keep in mind when choosing from the many options:

  • Choose materials that will withstand weather changes if the spiral staircase will be outdoors on a deck or building.
  • Make sure optional elements like handrails and balusters are safe for all types and ages of people who will be using them if the spiral staircase will be in a public venue.
  • Be certain the tread is not too slick for everyday use. This applies specifically to varnishes and paints.
  • Choose a good grade of steel or other metal, including tread material, to prevent warping or bending over time.

While keeping safety and extended life of the staircase in mind, you can make tread, baluster, and handrail option choices speak volumes about your style. Goddard Manufacturing is happy to assist you in the numerous choices as you move forward with your new spiral staircase purchase. Visit our FAQs page to learn more today.