Color and Wood Tone: The Best Colors to Enhance Wood

Best Colors Woodtone
If your home or office has a wood spiral staircase, a traditional wood staircase, or wood trim, consider how the use of color can balance and enhance these features for greater impact. Selecting the right color not only enriches the wood tones in the room but also can create mood and character.

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And with the right color, your room can be transformed into your ideal living or office space.
Goddard Spiral Staircase recommends following these tips to select the best colors to go with the wood staircases and other wood features in your home or office.

Cool Colors to Accent Wood

Cool colors such as blue, green, and purple tones can enhance your oak, redwood, and hickory staircases, making it appear more colorful.

These colors can make a room feel larger, cooler, and calmer, so we recommended you use it in areas with smaller spaces and natural lighting.

Warm Colors to Accent Wood

Warm colors blend with wood, reducing their contrast. Reds, oranges, and yellow tones create a glowing, cozy environment. These colors can make a room appear smaller and friendlier.

Keeping It Neutral

The easiest way to coordinate colors with your wood is to keep it basic with neutrals. Whether the undertone of your wood is light or dark, wood pairs well with simple neutral colors like ivory, taupe, beige, white, and gray. These colors soften the undertones of the wood and match a variety of decor.

Neutral shades on the walls also mean that you can decorate with bolder accent colors. You can change up the color and patterns in curtains, throw pillows, and other accessories to give the space more character.

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