General Instructions for Installing a Goddard All Wood Spiral Staircase

In our last post, we said that wood staircases take longer to install. That’s what we’re going to talk about today.

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Your Goddard All Wood Spiral Staircase will come unfinished and unassembled so the first decision you need to make is whether to stain and finish before or after you reassemble the staircase.  If you are going to finish the stairs first, you need to tape off any areas that need to be glued together in the building process so that the glue will stick to the raw wood.

Wood Stringer 003

The remainder of these instructions is a very basic description on how to install our staircase.  Please remember that the opening size for an all wood staircase needs to be 6 inches larger than the diameter of the staircase you order.  A loft application needs to have enough room for hand room clearance on and around the lower walls.

Step 1.  Bolt the 1st step and base plate to the stair.

Step 2.  Anchor the pole vertically.

Step 3.  Install the #1 and #2 main balusters.

Step 4.  Add the 2nd step.

Step 5.  Add the 3rd main baluster.

Step 6.  Repeat until all steps are installed.

Step t.  Mount center balusters.

Step 8.  Mount all wood handrail (already made).  Top and Newel Post.

Step 9.  Mount the landing to the house framing.

Step 10.  Mount the spiral staircase to the landing.

Step 11.  Mount and install any extra railing at the top across landing if purchased.

Step 12.  You are finished!

Wooden Band Staircase1

If you have any questions please feel free to call us at 785-689-4341.

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Jerry Goddard