Fitting your spiral staircase into your home.

Goddard Steel Spiral Staircases are usually built in 1 piece.  Our customers often ask “how do we get them into the house”?  A 5’ diameter steel spiral staircase will cork screw through a 36” door that measures at least 34 ½” from jam to jam.  You will need to have a straight shot to where the staircase will go.  The staircase will not fit down a hall way or through a small entry way getting them into the house.  If you have a hall way that is not large enough for the staircase to go through we can build your staircase in 2 sections and bolt them back together using only 7 bolts and screws.

If you are going to put your steel spiral staircase through a hole in the floor, the opening requires a 4” larger hole than the diameter of the staircase.  A loft application only requires an area a little larger than the diameter of your staircase.

Our wood spiral staircases are built to your specifications here in our shop, marked and numbered and dis-assembled and shipped to you.  You simply remove the pieces from the boxes and put them together.  The wood spiral staircases require a finished opening 6” larger than the staircase diameter.

Call us with any questions.  We will be glad to answer!

Jerry Goddard