How to mount your steel spiral on the job site

At Goddard Spiral Stairs., we only build steel spirals already welded up. We do not build kits.

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They are built to the customers specs.

That being said, they are very simple to install.

First our drivers (if personally delivered) will help you get the stair to your location where he will explain how to install.

First – Mount the landing with the 4 lag bolts supplied.
2nd – Set the stairs up to the landing (3 to 4 people needed) and clamp the landing and the stair together. 3″ or 4″ C-clamps work best. You’ll need 2 clamps.
3rd – Level the landing & plumb the stairs.
4th – Walk up the stair to drill 4 holes 3/8″ in the landing using the 4 holes in the landing bar as guides.4

Before you climb up the stairs, make sure the C-clamps are tight and always have at least 2 safety people holding on to the stair for additional support and safety.

5th – Bolt the star and landing together using the counter sink 3/8″ bolts supplied.
6th – Bolt the center pole & balusters on the bottom step to your concrete pad or floor.
7th – If you ordered any extra rail for around the top you can install it at this time.
8th – If your stair is all metal you are done. If you ordered wood treads and wood handrail, it will need to be finished. Stain and finish all wood parts and install. Steps are fit at our shop & numbered from bottom to top.