How We Deliver The Staircases

When you order a spiral from Goddard Spiral Stairs, most of the time it will be a personal delivery.  We deliver up to 700 miles from Logan, KS.  We take your order over the phone (personally).  We go over every detail needed so that your stair fits your application exactly.

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Our personal delivery truck will bring the stair to you.  We will also  help you get the stairs into the house,  (interior) or help you get it around back to your deck/patio.

We will help you stand the stair up where the stair goes and go over every detail that needs to be discussed on how to mount or install your stair.  We do not install the stair for you but after we show you how everything goes, it is only about a 1 hour job.

If you have composite steps, oak treads, oak handrail, they will also need to be attached after the stair is mounted.  All wood parts need to be finished by the customer.  That way the customer can finish the wood parts to match their home decor.

If you have any additional questions please feel free to call us at 785-689-4341.

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Jerry Goddard

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