How Your Spiral Staircase Arrives

Your custom made spiral staircase usually arrives at your home by our personal truck.  You the customer will need help to unload the staircase and take it to the yard (exterior) or into the house (interior).  Our driver is usually capable of helping you with this.  Steel staircases are welded into a single unit but can be made in 2 pieces to get it into your home.

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A 5’ diameter steel spiral staircase will cork screw through a 36” door that measures at least 34 ½” jam to jam.

Our all wood spiral staircases are disassembled for shipping and usually come in 6 to 10 packages.  The pole is 1 piece and the handrail is 1 piece.  All wood staircases need to be reassembled on the job site.

If you have questions or need help creating your dream staircase for your home or office, call us toll free at 800-536-4341 or contact us today to get started.