Pre-made Spiral Staircases vs. Custom Made Spiral Staircases

The design possibilities for spiral staircases are virtually endless. The question is, “How much customization do you want in your spiral staircase?” If art is higher on your list of wants for your spiral staircase then you would want more custom options than a pre-made spiral staircase can provide. However, if you simply want a beautifully handcrafted spiral staircase to fulfill a need, then a pre-made spiral staircase is the way to go.

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Advantages of a Pre-Made Spiral Staircase

A pre-made spiral staircase is a beautiful option for those who have a smaller staircase budget, a time limitation during building or remodeling, or you want a utility style outdoor spiral staircase. A pre-made spiral staircase comes in a wide variety of materials like steel or wood, or a combination of both, and can easily be personalized by adding your choice of accessories like handrails. As mentioned, outdoor pre-made spiral staircases are more about function than aesthetics. However, there are options with these as well.

Advantages of a Custom Made Spiral Staircase

A custom spiral staircase is just another name for your dream spiral staircase! You choose every detail of a custom spiral staircase to fulfill form, function, and beauty. The area in which you plan to install a custom spiral staircase may seem to dictate the type of material or style, but don’t discount all the options immediately. You can have a personalized custom spiral staircase to beautifully fit any location. Every detail, from the tread choice to the custom staircase handrail to the color of the wood or metal, will help bring your spiral staircase dream to fruition.

Whether you choose a custom spiral staircase or a pre-made spiral staircase, the hardest decision you’ll likely have to make is with your contractor regarding local building codes. Goddard Spiral Stairs is happy to consult with you or your contractor to answer any questions that arise. Our professional craftsman uniquely design and build spiral handcrafted staircases using wood, metal, oak, steel, and other materials for both interior and exterior spaces. Goddard Spiral Stairs can help you find the perfect handcrafted spiral staircase. We are ready to serve you today.