Spiral Staircase Design Ideas

Spiral Staircase Design Ideas

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Whether you are working on a new construction project or remodeling an existing space, the design phase of the project is critical. Here are a few helpful staircase design ideas:

Open Concept

If there is a common denominator in design today it is the open concept: defined by fewer walls and elements that may obstruct light, and inviting gathering spaces throughout. Spiral staircases are perfect for open concept floor plans. A free standing spiral staircase is a beautiful, unique fixture, and its small footprint makes it both space-saving and efficient.

The Look and Function of Metal

Metal is no longer a material used only in industrial or super-modern settings. A steel spiral staircase provides a clean look in a loft space and is extremely durable for outdoor use. Many customers use a mixed materials approach incorporating wood stair treads and handrails with decorative iron balusters.

Color Selection

When considering your color scheme, your staircase can be a coordinating color, in step with the other tones of the room, or use it to add contrast. For example, a black iron staircase in a room of neutral shades adds interest. A wooden spiral staircase offers an amazing variety of color options based on wood type and finish. A spiral staircase can be sleek and modern, cozy and comfortable, or formal and dramatic.


Wondering about the cost of a spiral staircase? Spiral staircases are an affordable way to add value to your home or commercial space. This fantastic looking feature can be customized to fit almost anywhere, and because it also takes up less space than a traditional staircase, your property will stand out.

Check out our gallery for inspiration and contact us for spiral staircase cost and design options.