Spiral Staircases Throughout History: Style, Form, and Function

The uses and benefits of spiral staircases go back centuries. Although the date of origin is unknown, in the earliest of historical notations, they were widely used to reach the top of towers and give advantage to the King’s army against enemies. Right handed sword fighters found it difficult to navigate the spiral stairs into the castle and especially difficult to go upwards in a narrow pathway. Several men at once could not storm the tower to take over the inhabitants, but instead had to go up one by one.

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Spiral Staircase History Tower BirdcageAlthough today we don’t have much need for tricky combat tactics in our “castles”, we do desire the form and function to provide the perfect answer to moving to another level in a smaller space. This suitable practicality of a Goddard Spiral Stairs spiral staircase is outshined only by the beauty and style that makes a perfect conversation piece in your home or business. Custom staircase railing: Steel staircase railing at Goddard Spiral Stairs

Spiral staircases started out made of stone, like the ones in the medieval castles and those found in lighthouses, but modern materials and technology have paved the way for the most beautiful versions in wood, metal, or a combination of both. Through the centuries the spiral staircase has become all about the customization to fit exactly the style, form, and function desired.

Most spiral staircases are corkscrew shaped when speaking of form, but some throughout history have been uniquely square shaped among other shapes. The Goddard Spiral Stairs customizable options and shapes are too numerous to list, but suffice it to say you can let your imagination be the limit! A continuous spiral staircase can have many turns, but consider there are “quarter turn”, “half turn”, “three quarter turn”, and “full turn” staircases all leading to a different landing area facing a different direction. The possibilities are seemingly endless.

Steel Exterior Spiral StairsThe custom staircase railing is a large part of the beautiful detail but it also serves the function of making the staircase safe and secure. Goddard Spiral Stairs can give you a custom staircase railing such as a wood staircase railing or a steel staircase railing. Wood staircase railing adds a beautiful stylistic touch to any wood spiral staircase, but goes nicely on metal stairs as well. The opposite holds true for steel staircase railing and other metals. Steel staircase railings may sound stronger than wood staircase railing but both serve the form and function of safety equally well. Changing the style of custom staircase railing can make the stairs transform into a completely different look while keeping the form intact.

Taking into consideration the custom staircase railing, the variety of materials, and the numerous types of spiral staircases at Goddard Spiral Stairs, the style, form, and function of a spiral staircase all intertwine to the end product – Your gorgeous spiral staircase! Goddard Spiral Stairs is ready to assist you with choosing the style and form to fulfill the function you need in your space.