Why Custom Steel Spiral Staircases Are Better Than a Kit

Better Than Kit Staircases
A steel spiral staircase is an ideal choice for home or office and can be used indoors or outdoors. Indoor spiral staircases are great for open floor plans. They invite natural light in, and add value to the space. Outdoor steel spiral staircases are the perfect option to connect your deck to yard or patio spaces.

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When it comes to purchasing a spiral staircase, some people consider spiral staircase kits with the hope of saving time and money. But before you buy a kit, consider these common issues.

Kits are Not Customizable

One of the greatest disadvantages of a spiral staircase kit is that it limits your ability to customize and design your dream staircase.

Most kits in the stores and online offer limited dimensions and styles for rails, balusters, and treads. By the time you start putting the kit together, you may find it doesn’t quite fit the space, nor is it what you expected.

However, when you purchase a spiral staircase from Goddard Spiral Stairs, you’re buying a high-quality, handcrafted staircase which offers endless design possibilities. We provide a variety of metal designs to choose from to fit your indoor or outdoor space and aesthetic needs. Our spiral stairs are built exactly to your specifications, and we work with your architect or contractor to ensure it meets the building code.

Kits are Not Easy to Assemble

Spiral staircase kits can be a nightmare to assemble, which is no surprise. Kits typically come in pieces and with an instruction manual. To assemble, you’ll likely need to hire a contractor, who will need 1-2 days to assemble and install the staircase, costing you more money for the labor.

When you start putting the kit together, you may find missing pieces that are essential to the build. And even worse – spiral staircase kit companies often charge you more for shipping new parts.

Fortunately, Goddard’s steel spiral staircases are welded together at the joints, which provides strength and durability. Our spiral stairs are delivered fully assembled so you won’t have to worry about missing pieces. The assembly process is easy: you or your contractor simply bolt the staircase into place.

Goddard, Your Trusted Spiral Staircase Experts

Goddard Spiral Stairs can help you find the perfect handcrafted spiral staircase. Our professional craftsmen uniquely design and build spiral handcrafted staircases using all wood, all steel, or a combination of both wood and steel for both interior and exterior spaces.

You will be delighted by our quality spiral staircases, our prices, and our fast and friendly customer service!

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