Wood or Steel Spiral Staircase – Which One to Choose?

Wood Or Steel StaircaseOver the years, open floor plans and tiny space living has become a popular choice for both business and home owners. It’s no surprise that along with this trend, spiral staircases are frequently incorporated as part of the structural design. 

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Spiral staircases are an affordable way to save space, allow for ease of access between floors, and add value and visual interest. But how do you know what type of spiral staircase fits best for your space? Whether you choose a wood spiral staircase or a steel spiral staircase, both have unique qualities.

Benefits of a Wood Spiral Staircase

  • Has an organic appeal to blend into many environments, lending a warm comfortable feel to the area. 
  • Wood spiral staircases can have a wide variety of colors just by choosing from the vast array of wood and stains available.
  • Is an intricate work of art considering the decorative options available.

Benefits of a Steel Spiral Staircase

  • Has a more industrial or modern look for a clean line in certain architectural environments.
  • Extremely durable, especially for outdoor use.
  • Highly functional in very small spaces.
  • Steel spiral staircases are known to be very low maintenance.

Whether you choose a wood spiral staircase or a steel spiral staircase, Goddard Spiral Stairs can create stairs to fit nearly any application. We offer custom options such as balusters, treads, and handrails to draw out other beautiful details of the room.

If you have questions or need help creating your dream staircase for your home or office, call us toll free at 800-536-4341 or contact us today to get started.